What Do Dunn’s Engineering Do?

A simple question – but not easy to answer. To say that we “deliver solutions to engineering problems” does describe what we do, however engineering is such a broad term that this description could mean almost anything.

“Our small, dedicated and experienced team of engineering professionals designs and builds bespoke equipment to solve a multitude of engineering problems.” All true . . . but still too broad.

Listed below is a small selection of the projects that we have been involved in since our formation in November 1994. Perhaps, by providing these examples, we will begin to describe our expertise and also allow you to asses whether we can help solve a problem for your organisation:

  1. A machine, for use in the aircraft industry, which coils, securely ties and tags cables as they run from a laser marking system.
  2. Various pressure and leak testing fixtures for the automotive industry.
  3. A personnel hoist to assist the less able-bodied to get into and out of the bath.
  4. A machine which marks ear tags for cattle.
  5. Pneumatic panels, the final application for which was in the ophthalmic industry, to test the pressure within the eye.
  6. Machines to assemble roof rails for several prestigious car manufacturers.
  7. A device for cutting custom stoma holes in colostomy bags, in one side only!

There are many more systems that are currently in use.

There are many many more which have yet to be invented.

This machine helps in the production of hotplates for electric cookers

Delivering solutions to engineering problems

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